What are you longing for?

“What you seek is seeking you.”
― Rumi

Today I am sharing an intuitive painting.

Just for fun I added a little digital magic to the painting this evening.
Click on the picture below and see if you notice a little bit of extra magic.

Not everyone can see it.

This painting emerged when my soul asked me to paint it.

Of course I didn’t know that my soul was talking to me.

I didn’t know what I was painting. I just held the brush.

Our imagination will speak to us–send us messages from deep within ourselves and tell us what we are longing for.

I know what I am longing for when I look at this painting.

The Magic.

Which of course is art.

Dabbling with magic is a risky business.

One must be fearless to face the potential disasters

disappointments and possible failures.

But yet magic is calling me.

I know this.

How about you?

What is calling you?

Deeply and truly what is calling you?

2 responses to “What are you longing for?”

  1. sparkles…i see sparkles….:) hope that means it’s a story with a happy ending….

    much love to you — it did my heart good to see you pop up in my reading list this morning…*sigh*…reminding me of the the connections i treasure…



  2. ABSOLUTELY magic. I cannot believe how productive and prolific you are. the painting is spell binding and reminisces to Freida Kahlo and……who….. you! I guess, star infused and surrounded by characters of mixed motives. I can’t wait for the story. sigh….missing our one on one times. x0x0


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