Heavenly Messenger a new work dedicated to Hali.

Sometimes inspiration will surprise you. Sometimes you will be so moved that you have to act.

Sometimes the inspiration is about gratitude and expressing it.

I decided to dedicate this painting to Hali

It started out as an intuitive journey–I was just playing around with layers
and letting the art come intuitively. I named it Eliza–for no particular reason–
just cos I thought that it might be a good name for this girl–
But then I changed my mind.
I had to Thank You Hali of Lilywheelslide for your art and your inspiration.
I believe you are a heavenly messenger.

2 responses to “Heavenly Messenger a new work dedicated to Hali.”

  1. oh my goodness, Lynna!! You touch me so deeply with this, I am speechless. Thank you, Sweet Light, Thank you Thank you. I am honored and this art piece is just beautiful. I love it and I love you, Sister!


  2. Your piece is all of the love ,honour .respect and gratefulness we feel for Hali and you Lynna…Thank you both for your pure love…


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