This painting is called Waiting. It’s autobiographical.

I posted it here because it’s about my creative imagination

and how sometimes I have to just sit still and wait-

for the images to come out of the dark.

I am writing a new play.

The working title is Ladder of Angels.

It is a work of imagination. Fiction.

I am finding the story as I go along.

It is a bit like catching butterflies at night.

My writing community Wet Ink Collective

right now is deep in a ten week writing intensive.

We have all set ourselves the challenge of

completing a draft of a play in ten weeks.

Crazy yes! Scary? Yes. Exciting. Yes.Yes Yes!!!!

!2 writers meet once a week and spend three hours

reading and discussing each others new pages–

with the idea of everyone emerging at the end with a completed

script in their hot little hands.

It can be a rough draft, a second draft whatever?

It doesn’t matter. The goal is getting it done–

and not chickening out along the way.

We are all swimming across a wide lake of our own creative dreams

and some of us are already gasping for air–

But we are there for each other–

keeping each other afloat.

Its all about being fearless and trusting

that the creative imagination will open up

and the words and images will flow out– if we allow them.

And– to tame the inner critic enough to keep going.

I am not one who believes that the inner critic is my enemy.

When my critic sticks with sensible though ruthless commentary about

the authenticity of my characters, or the flow of a scene– she can be very

helpful. It’s only when she makes it personal and starts telling me I am not worthy

and can not rise to the task or that I will never achieve my dreams–

that is when she must be sent to her room.

So now I challenge/encourage/invite you– my readers– to set the goal–

to complete a draft of something–anything–in a designated period of time

and find some one, or a group, to hold you to the task.

Is is a short story that you would like to set down for a writing contest?

Is it the family story you want to write? Is it the book

that you have been thinking about for years and years?

Set a goal. Make a deadline– and grab some creative supporters

who will keep you honest and accountable. Do it.

Defeat resistance. Face your fear. Keep that promise you

made to yourself. Be fearless.

3 responses to “Waiting”

  1. wonderful posting, as usual! and just great to talk to you today, a most challenging day for me. how timely. thanks and much love.


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