Poem from a recurring dream.

I  dream of a little cage,

on the edge of a cliff,

where I pretend

to live contentedly,

rather than learn to swim across

the turbulent waters below.

Lulled by the illusion of safety,

I hang there trapped–

above murky waters,

as if sitting alone in a cage,

is  preferable to the risk of learning to swim.

In the dream I’m watching a swimmer below

She  seems to calm the water

with her powerful strokes.

I have dreamed this flooded landscape.

I have dreamed this turbulent water.

I have dreamed the murky depths.

And I have dreamed this cage.

Now  wide awake–

I am dreaming of a little red boat.

Red boat JPG

2 responses to “Poem from a recurring dream.”

  1. *deep sigh*

    funny, i have a painting sketched out on a canvas that i’m reminded of with this poem. a common theme, methinks…

    of course you know i love this….i’ve managed to open the door of my cage and now i’m just pondering how to leave…



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