Intrepid Traveller.

I do believe that making art is an act of courage.

Courage to keep going when life is in chaos.

When your are tired and drained and empty

When you think you have been left behind,

When you think someone else is better than you.

When you think you have nothing to say.

When no one pays any attention

It takes courage to create.

I believe this.

My fear of what others think, has stopped me dead in my tracks

Many times.

Stopped me from being who I am.

Stopped me from speaking when I needed to.

I didn’t understand that fear was necessary for courage to exist.

I didn’t realize courage and fear were inseparable companions.

I didn’t know that you feel the fear and then call on your courage.

So now I live my life,

knowing fear is always present,

But somehow, I have to keep going and trust that I can.

Because courage is standing right there with fear,

waiting to be called on–waiting to  take the lead,

I need to remember this.

Ready or Not
Ready or Not Here I come

6 responses to “ART AND COURAGE”

  1. *fist bump* yeah, baby…you’ve got this…you’ve sooooo got this…

    totally inspired…will totally remember everything you’ve written here….(thank you for always reminding me of my super-powers)



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