About Me.

Hello. I’m Lynna. Welcome to my online studio.

I am artist from the beautiful city of Vancouver. You can usually find me working daily in my studio at The Arc in East Van

I paint in a bold painterly expressive style.

In my paintings I am seeking to express the intangible qualities of nature and emotion. If I am painting a landscape I want to express the the feeling of a place more than a representation of it. And often the landscape is a metaphor for the emotions of loss, longing, elation, wonder and astonishment.

The unifying element in my work is bold painterly abstract expression, attention to compositional elements, and deep emotion.

As a painter, I am like an improvisational actor responding to what is happening in the moment. The materials I am using, the marks I am making, the subconscious feelings stirring, are all at play, like actors allowing the story to reveal itself.

Please come and view my portfolio to see more of my work.

I love to write about art so come visit my blog.

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