About Me

Hello. I’m Lynna. Welcome to my online studio.

Lynna Gold Smith

I am a multi disciplinary artist with an insatiable curiosity, intrigued by the unknown, the mysterious, the intangible qualities of nature and human experience. I am based in the beautiful city of Vancouver. You can usually find me working in my studio at The Arc in the industrial section of the city. The busy, noisy Port of Vancouver is right at my back door. I create Abstract and Semi-Abstract Acrylic & Mixed Media works, on museum quality wood panels, paper, and the highest quality canvas.

I work with diverse subject matter and move back and forth between pure abstract and more representational ideas, including florals, figures and portraits, but I am primarily an abstract expressionist.

In all my paintings I seek to express the intangible qualities of nature and emotion. If I am painting a landscape, I want to express the the feeling of a place more than a representation of it. And often the landscape, is a metaphor for the human emotions of loss, longing, elation, wonder and astonishment.