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What’s the title of this painting?

What is the title of his painting I ask myself. I am so inspired- is that the feeling–so awed maybe– By the complexities of the universe, And the way that so much is going on invisible and unknown. The very fact that there is a tangible real existence that we all believe in–so even colour for […]

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Inspiration and Cognitive Fires.

I am inspired by trying to understand things that I don’t understand. The unknown inspires me. Confusion and displacement and new perspectives– new ways of thinking inspire me.   I am inspired by everything  that demands that I slow down and face all that I don’t know. Nothing is more intriguing to me than trying to figure […]

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Painting and Writing and dreaming and stargazing

Even if we have a reliable method and a process that seems to work  there is still a lot of mystery in making art. It’s a act of faith sometimes. Somehow magic is involved and patience. Sometimes a  story calls you to come and find it, but you can’t quite locate where it’s hiding. I […]

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