What’s the title of this painting?

What is the title of his painting I ask myself.

I look at it and think–

What have I created here in this work?

Where was I when I started it and where did the process take me?

I ask these question to help me name the painting.

I try to name it by what I feel it’s about.

This painting I think says–

I am so  excited and inspired by the complexities of the universe–

So much is going on invisible and unknown–

And the very fact that there is a tangible real existence that we all believe in and agree to,

the existence where we walk in the park, and shop for veggies, and complain about the government,

when underneath and all around us, there is so much more happening.

 Even colour for example- something we love, something that we experience every day- is

an incredible miracle of a thing.

We see colour because of the way light acts on surfaces of objects

and how objects respond to the light-

causing the  happy little electrons to begin scrambling and rearranging themselves

  to absorb certain rays, rejecting others-

This is all happening when we move through the world.

This is  all happening when we perceive the green of the leaves

the red car, the yellow rain hat.

Sometimes I am kind of paralyzed by awe and wonder of things and

I talk about it to friends and they want to know what’s my point?

Or what does this have to do with anything we have been talking about.   

Or do you think that title is too long for the painting?


Painting and Writing and dreaming and stargazing


Even if we have a reliable method and a process that seems to work  there is still a lot of mystery in making art.

It’s a act of faith sometimes.

Somehow magic is involved and patience.

Sometimes a  story calls you to come and find it, but you can’t quite locate where it’s hiding.

I think an artist or a writer or any kind of maker has to be a bit of dreamer with a willingness to search imagination the way a stargazer searches the endless sky.

In a way we are looking for distant galaxies of meaning and metaphor–trusting that somewhere, beyond the dark matter of a half-baked plot,  there is a story that needs to be told or a painting that wants to be painted.

Astronomers know that beyond the glimmer of  a of a billion years lies astonishment.  And an artist must  be like an astronomer and trust that beyond the dark matter of self doubt that story will appear.