What’s the title of this painting?

What is the title of his painting I ask myself.

I look at it and think–

What have I created here in this work?

Where was I when I started it and where did the process take me?

I ask these question to help me name the painting.

I try to name it by what I feel it’s about.

This painting I think says–

I am so  excited and inspired by the complexities of the universe–

So much is going on invisible and unknown–

And the very fact that there is a tangible real existence that we all believe in and agree to,

the existence where we walk in the park, and shop for veggies, and complain about the government,

when underneath and all around us, there is so much more happening.

 Even colour for example- something we love, something that we experience every day- is

an incredible miracle of a thing.

We see colour because of the way light acts on surfaces of objects

and how objects respond to the light-

causing the  happy little electrons to begin scrambling and rearranging themselves

  to absorb certain rays, rejecting others-

This is all happening when we move through the world.

This is  all happening when we perceive the green of the leaves

the red car, the yellow rain hat.

Sometimes I am kind of paralyzed by awe and wonder of things and

I talk about it to friends and they want to know what’s my point?

Or what does this have to do with anything we have been talking about.   

Or do you think that title is too long for the painting?


A New Year Wish for anyone struggling and not able to celebrate


“Face your life, its pain, its pleasure, leave no path untaken.”
― Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book

 It’s December 31st 2017.  I am re-blogging this post from 2013, a very difficult year in my life and I’m sending it out to anyone who has struggled this year.

Life this year has been stamping it’s foot, screaming at the top of it’s lungs–that I should face my life and not look away. Well I have faced my life. I’ve stared it down, and looked directly at jmany harsh truths. I’ve struggled with all my might, mostly against my own self torment. And here is what I have learned.

1. Not to fear my fear.

2. Not to feel bad about feeling bad.

3. Not to be ashamed of my shame.

4. I have everything I need to create change in my life.

5. And sometimes  disappointment and grief and loss are our greatest teachers.

So on this last day of the year when people are celebrating, I am going to take a moment to speak to those who are not.

If it has been a tough year for you–and you think you have nothing to celebrate–let me send you a message of hope. You are brave and amazing and resilient and strong, even if you don’t feel that way right now. And if you are looking into the abyss of your own lonely heart, let me tell you that I know what that is like.

Be kind to yourself. Be loving with yourself. Forgive yourself. Let yourself feel whatever you feel.

And if you have a hole inside you-that you can not fill or if you are angryand afraid, if you have a wound that has never healed–a mark that will not go away–remember you are absolutely beautiful, and your torn and tattered heart, only makes you more so.

I like to think of the Japanese idea of Wabi-sabi- and the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.

So Happy Wabi Sabi New Year to you my kindred family.

I have hope for you even if you don’t right now.

Let me hold your hope for a while.  It will be here when you need it.

You are going to feel happy and  stardust shiny  again.


Poem from a recurring dream.

I have built a little cage

on the edge of a cliff,

where I pretend–

to live contentedly,

rather than learn to swim across

the turbulent waters below.

Cushioned by the delusion of safety,

I hang there trapped–

above murky waters-

as if sitting alone in a cage–

is  preferable to the risk of drowning.

I watch with envy, all the

happy swimmers passing by.

They seem to calm the water

with their powerful strokes.

But the thought of being

swallowed by the current,

keeps me here,

behind the iron bars of


I  have dreamed this flooded landscape.

I have dreamed this turbulent water.

I have dreamed the murky depths.

And I have dreamed this cage.

Now  wide awake–

I am dreaming of a little red boat.

Red boat JPG