All of my paintings including my abstract work could be described as fully engaged conversations with my materials,and the deep interior urgings of the vast mysterious unconscious mind. When I paint, I am responding to the moment and inquiring into the here and now, like an actor improvising with partners on stage. Feelings are stirred, memories triggered, imagination comes out to play.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science” Albert Einstein

And so sometimes science inspires me with wonderment.The concepts and language of astrophysics and the idea of inquiry in the nature of time and space and evolution and the origins of the universe takes me on an interior exploration of the furthest reaches of my own inner worlds.


I live in a world of real sky and sea and stars and trees and concrete and things like buildings and traffic, but I paint birds and people and places from the landscape of my own mind. I paint my own experience, letting the world around me become a collection of metaphors and teachers. It’s a deeply interior process. It’s how I am most alive.

I like to paint loose and expressively with big brushes. splashing paint and being free to make a mess and then somehow a being of some kind appears to me as if I know them well, like a familiar friend.

Sometimes I play with digital tools. it’s not that the computer is painting the picture it’s just that instead of paint and charcoal I am moving little icons around and pointing cussors at brushes and pots of paint.

Pen and Ink with digital embellishment

But mostly I like raw materials that I can hold and touch and smell. I like to paint these people with big brushes and bold gestures.

Acrylic on canvas 24″X36″
Faith and Fate
Acrylic and water-media
11″X 13″
Urban Crows
Acrylic with Mixed Media on Paper mounted on wood panel

And sometimes I will do drawings of imaginary places and memories that kind of meld and intermingle. Stories that have mixed with my own experince.

I remember this little summer town
Acrylic on Paper mounted on wood panel
11″X 17″

And then other times I just love to draw what I see like this fine fat raven.

Raven ant the beach 12X12 ink on watercolour paper mounted to wood panel.

More paintings coming soon as my website is in the process of being created.