About Me

Lynna glasses. WebUse

I am an artist of mixed ancestry, honoured to be living and working in the vibrant Commercial Drive Neighbourhood of Vancouver–which is part of the traditional and ancestral territories of the Coast Salish People.

My art practice has evolved over the years but has always been multi-disciplinary, adventurous, and eclectic– driven by curiosity and experimentation. I have managed to divide my time between Visual Art and Performance- both theatrical and experimental with equal passion and dedication. Right now I am working mainly in the visual realm exploring my own life as a contemporary woman challenging ways that I might be defined by age, ethnicity and gender.

I believe in filling my life with as much creative expression as possible and I encourage others to do the same.

 Contact me at mslynna.g@gmail.com if you are interested in my paintings.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I saw your play last summer and immediately felt as if I intimately knew the author, and the character Sally, even though we had not yet met. Awaiting the next phase of the triad. Best of luck with your writing.

    Jordan Campbell


  2. hi ho dear lynna…. i love this, your new blog site – congrats to you and i always am at your back with all you do…….. bright blessings to you my creative soul-friend! wx (((o)))


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