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My name is Lynna. I am an artist of mixed ancestry living and working on Coast Salish Territory otherwise known as as Vancouver.

Click here to see a 3D view of my studio.

Here is my Artist Statement and a few pics.

I paint the world that exists somewhere between memory and dream. I am fascinated with the interplay between the mythological,the fantastical, and ordinary everyday life. I interpret the world around me, through vivid colour, stylized forms, repeating patterns and texture–to arrive at a heightened sense of a moment in time.

Candy Floss Pink.
The Queen of the Garden

I am eclectic and move back and forth between abstract,figurative and expressionistic painting.

In both my abstract and figurative I am bold expressive passionate painterly and colourful.

I’m also a theatre maker, and in another lifetime, I toured as a musician/singer songwriter and played in bands.

All the ways of making art and telling stories show up in my paintings.

Lately You can pretty much find me everyday working in my studio painting.

My happy place.

To see more of my work click here

You can Contact me at mslynna.g@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing or visiting me in my studio.

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