Lynna Gold Smith

Hello there. Welcome to my Online Studio Gallery. I’m Lynna.

My real-world  studio is right smack dab  in the middle of the industrial section of the Port of Vancouver. Every day I am enveloped by an inner-city symphony  of metal on metal, rubber on asphalt, the constant sirens and bells and rumbles of the dockyards,  and the mournful horns of the ships in the harbour. Only a barbwire fence separates me from the wondrously awful and magnificently noisy world of the Port. I love it here. This is a natural habitat for an urban rat like me. You can find me here every day creating my atmsopheric landscapes, inspired by places in my imagination,  or  my lyrical  non-representational abstracts inspired but the post war minimalists and colourfield painters and the urban geometrics that surround me.


Here are collections showing examples of my different styles.

Original art can create a focal point for your room and enliven the space.

Have look and get in touch if you see something you like.


Lyrical Abstracts

Sometimes the work is purely gestural, intuitive and expressionistic. It focuses thematically on movement and emotions through colour, design, pattern, texture and line. I challenge myself to play with different ways to make abstract art as part of my creative practice. This works appeals to collectors who like bold statements that create a focal point for a room.

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Imagined Landscapes

When I paint in an abstract style I am responding to the moment and inquiring into the here and now. Feelings are stirred, memories evoked imagination comes out to play. In my landscapes it’s not so much that I am painting nature but more that I am painting my experience of it. Sometimes I am painting inner landscapes because often our inner lives are reflected in the art. Sometimes I seek to capture the simplicity and sometimes the complexity of life in a painting. These landscapes are both serene and energizing, and sometimes dark and desolate but always revealing a ray of light. The dark paintings I hope allow us to see through the darkness to the light in our lives.

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