I am an abstract painter from Vancouver Canada and delighted you have come to visit my online studio. I am eclectic in my practice and love to explore my subject matter in different ways.

In all my work even if I am experimenting with different styles, I paint the world that exists somewhere between memory and dream. I am always searching for the mysterious and intangible qualities of nature and human experience.

Here are 5 collections of my various painting passions.

When I paint in an abstract style I am responding to the moment and inquiring into the here and now. Feelings are stirred, memories evoked imagination comes out to play. In my landscapes it’s not so much that I am painting nature but more that I am painting my experience of it. Sometimes I seek to capture the simplicity and sometimes the complexity in a painting. These landscapes are both serene and energizing.

Cool contemporary decor with a bold expressive abstract landscape

Sometimes the work is purely gestural, intuitive and expressionistic. It focuses thematically on movement and emotions through colour, design, pattern, texture and line. I experiment with different ways to make abstract art as part of my creative practice. This works appeals to collectors who like bold statements that create a focal point for a room.

For those who love neutral colours and clean contemporary lines Textures and patterns will enliven the space yet keep things calm.
Warm and Inviting creative spaces with a splash of colour amidst the neutrals. .

And now for something completely different, sometimes I mix it up and my canvas becomes a theatre and I paint imaginary characters inspired by the Human Comedy. This work is collected by people who love expressive and stylized portraiture that makes a bold statement.

In 2020 and 2021 during the lock-down I was amazed at how nature seemed to thrive without us. I went in a completely different creative direction. The streets were quiet the air was clean, I painted big bold flowers to remind myself, we humans are not in charge. Nature is in charge.

And I am also very fond of painting ravens and herons and gulls, in an abstract style because I love the magical mystery of these winged ones. Birds have a strong symbolic presence for me and represent inner wisdom and deeper ways of knowing.

Oh forgot to tell you to come read my Thoughts about art and life here

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